XS/S Ivory Cloud Set

XS/S Ivory Cloud Set


1xs/s Cloud Set in Ivory Cotton Gauze ready to ship

Ginger, warm and spicy, warm because of the long sleeves, spicy because of the spicy length (but only slightly!)

A blouse with waves, ripples cresting the hipbones, it’s tidal hem higher in the front and lower in the back

Drawstring wrists, looped snug and tied delicately, held around you with tiny crinkles of fabric

xs/s measures 36” bust, 18” length

Benjamins version II

A pant of textures, double gauzed cushy cotton

Pants almost pleated from the elastic waistband and twisting fibres

Slimming, sliding straight down from your hips, haloing your legs in an even fall of fabric

Pockets of course

Comfy of course

Effortless of course

xs/s measures - 26 1/2” elastic waist, 35” outseam, 25” inseam, 12” rise, 46” hips

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