Bees & Bones
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Bees & Bones
bees & bones, a collection of handmade clothes for your beautiful bones


BEES + BONES is a collection of ideas, art, feelings and fibres formed into clothing

The design of our natural, architectural, and personal worlds is the inspiration that seeds the colours, shapes and movement of the clothing

B+B is handmade in Victoria, BC by Brooke De Armond and



Creating began because of a lack of simple, fashionable and sustainable clothing options in my community.  When I started B+B I wanted to make clothing that was comfortable, stylish, simple, and bold.  I wanted to create pieces that I couldn't help but wear all the time.  I'm intrigued by the relationship between lines, shapes, bodies, places and spaces.  I want to explore those relationships. I want B+B to explore what that means for clothing.  Fashion, art, necessity. Whatever you want it to be, B+B is created to be wearable, fashionable, lasting, and a unique collaborative collection that you want to wear all the time


BEES are natures little wonders. Pollinating everything, giving us food and flowers and thus rich colours and textures and fibres 


BONES are the sturdy yet delicate pieces that make up all of us.  They are our limbs, allowing us to reach and hold and move.  They are our homes, safe keepers of our hearts, lungs, wombs, and minds